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Miss E Young Headteacher, SENCo, Designated Person for Child Protection, Governor
Mrs W Barker Senior Teacher, EYFS Team Leader, Class Teacher FS2 (Reception) 
Mrs E Brown Senior Teacher, KS1 Team Leader, Class Teacher Year 1/2 
Mrs C Bullock Senior Teacher, KS2 Team Leader, Class Teacher Year 5/6 
Mrs S Brown  Class Teacher, FS1 (Nursery)
Miss K Thew-Thwaites Class Teacher, FS2 (Reception)
Mrs H Bailey Class Teacher, Year 1
Mrs S Bradshaw & Class Teacher  Year 2/3
Mrs L Stephens Class Teacher, Year 2/3, Teacher Governor
Mr R Atkinson Class Teacher, Year 3/4

Mrs J Holliday &

Mrs R Wigham

Class Teacher, Year 4/5
Mrs H Ayre Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Bain General Teaching Assistant, Associate Governor
Miss J Biggins General Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Burton Advanced Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Cook General Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Deighton General Teaching Assistant Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs L Francis General Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Glistrup General Teaching Assistant & Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs L Hannon General Teaching Assistant and Carnagill Crew
Mrs M Jenkins General Teaching Assistant
Miss B McCreesh General Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Pickersgill General Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Talbot General Teaching Assistant, Advanced Teaching Assistant for Carnagill Crew
Miss I West General Teaching Assistant
Mrs C White General Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Bell Clerical Assistant
Mrs C-A Lennon Senior Administrator, Clerk to Governors
Mrs N Barritt Home School Support Adviser/Named person for Child Protection
Mrs N Ryder Cook
Mrs D Cholerton Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Samson Kitchen Assistant
Mrs A Cooper  Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs J Cottingham          
Mrs S Longstaff Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs A McCleary- Warren Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss L Partland
Mrs S Raisbeck  Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mr L Jenkins Caretaker
Miss K Hargreaves Cleaner
Mrs J McManus Cleaner


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