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Home School Support Advisor

Mrs BarrittMrs Barritt

Mrs Barritt is the Home School Support Advisor at Carnagill Community Primary School and she is based in Poppies (the school bungalow).

Part of her work is to be available to help you and your child/ren to overcome any worries or to share any concerns you may have.
No worry or concern is too small to discuss.

Sometimes she will be asked by a teacher to work with your child in school. Where possible, she will gain your permission beforehand to do this. Where it is not possible, she will speak to you afterwards and explain why she has needed to talk to your child in school.

You can ask to speak to her or make an appointment by contacting Mrs Bell in the school office or, if this is not possible, please ask a member of staff to contact her.

Following this, she will arrange to speak to in school. You may also see her around school, so please feel free to approach her. She will either chat with you then or she may need to arrange to meet at another time.

What is a Home School Support Advisor?

  • A Home School Support Advisor will work with parents and carers to promote the development of positive family/school relationships.
  • They work with the teachers and other professionals in school to ensure that a child’s developmental, emotional and behavioural needs are being met.
  • They work with children to develop social skills and to encourage positive peer relationships.

What do Home School Support Advisors do?

  • They give children encouragement and a degree of stability at times of change and uncertainty by creating a sense of order, safety and security and by establishing clear boundaries. 
  • Provide children with time and space to talk and be listened to in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Support and assist children entitled to free school meals.
  • Support children who are looked after.
  • Advise and support children who have a disability or additional needs.
  • Provide support to high mobility service pupils and their families during times of change and uncertainty and through aspects of service life.
  • Challenge and support difficult behaviour at school and home. 
  • Support children in transition from year 6 to 7.
  • Support parents in establishing daily routines.


Children may become successful possessing some of the following strengths and capabilities:

  • Know the strategies involved in making and keeping friends.
  • Feel less isolated in social contexts e.g. playground, lunch hall. 
  • Know how to take turns and co-operate.
  • Feel successful in some situations.
  • Feel better about themselves while building self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Identify and name good qualities and points about themselves.
  • Enjoy improved concentration and listening skills. 
  • Feel less defensive and aggressive towards others.
  • Give and accept compliments. 
  • Have further developed empathy for others.
  • Be less reluctant to take on new challenges. 
  • Cope more positively with change or new situations.

You can contact Mrs Barritt on 01748 833622.

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