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Our curriculum has been designed to fully incorporate the National Curriculum and
more, and is based on a set of principles, which lies at the heart of the school’s
philosophy and approach:

  • Children are entitled to a broad, balanced, relevant, coherent, progressive and differentiated curriculum; 
  • At all stages of a child’s development learning should be stimulating, enjoyable and a worthwhile experience in its own right; Equality of access and equality of opportunity should underpin provision for all pupils regardless of sex, race, religious belief, cultural background or disability.
  • Throughout the curriculum there are links to British Values and preparing our children for an appreciation of life in modern Britain. Please see the British Values Page for further information and the individual class lesson plans below for the links.





The links below provide other information which parents may find useful about the curriculum.

Development Matters

EYFS Framework

Letters & Sounds

Primary National Curriculum

RE Syllabus


Click on the class name below to download curriculum plans:


Long Term Curriculum Plans 2017-18 (what will be happening over the year ~ it may change slightly due to resources or if there is something topical the staff or children wish to pursue)


Foundation Stage     Key Stage 1     Class 2/3     Class 3/4     Class 4/5     Class 5/6


Spring Term 1 2017-18

Nursery        Reception B and Reception/Y1T        Class 1 (Miss McNichol) and Class 2 (Mrs Brown)


Class 2/3        Class 3/4        Class 4/5        Class 5/6




Autumn Term 1 2017-18

Nursery            Reception B and Reception T            Class 1            Class 2 B            Class 2/3            Class 3/4            

Class 4/5          Class 5/6 

Autumn Term 2 2017-18

Nursery   Reception  Key stage 1 (Mrs Forrest & Mrs Brown)Class 2-3 (Mrs Bradshaw)Class 3-4 (Mr Atkinson)

Class 4-5 (Mrs Wigham and Mrs Stephens) Class 5-6 (Mrs Taylor)










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