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Welcome to Foundation Stage 1!

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We love learning in Foundation Stage 1. We are always busy having fun whilst we are learning. Our teacher is Mrs Brown and we are lucky to have Mrs Burton and Miss Glistrup in the classroom to help us too. We learn through play and take part in lots of exciting learning experiences throughout our day.

Mrs Brown loves to tell stories; we use story strips, puppets, props and materials to help us re-tell them. We have a reading garden inside, which changes with the seasons and a reading tent outside. We have lots of other exciting areas in the classroom, including creative and investigation areas. Come and take a look. We also have a large and exciting outdoor area that we use every day.

We are very proud of the work that we produce and love to display it in our classroom for everyone to see. We use our displays to show what we are learning or have learnt.

The most important thing is for children to have a positive and exciting start to education, we ensure children are happy and secure, following their interests to support learning and development, enabling children to reach their full potential. We support the development of independence and focus on the characteristics of effective learning; helping to create self-motivated, enthusiastic learners.

We are very busy people in the foundation Stage. Check back soon to see some of the exciting things we have been getting up to.




Summer 1

Wow what a half term so far! Our topic is ‘Under the sea’ and we have been busy learning about different sea creature, including how to look after our own fish. We have been watching closely and using our words and drawings to describe how fish move. We have explored and labelled a dead fish, did you know some fish have VERY sharp teeth on their tongues? Now we have pirates in our classroom! They have caused all sorts of chaos. (We are helping Pirate Pete find his treasure, we hope he shares it with us!)
Alongside all of that lovely learning we have also had, Tour De Carnagill and a very royal wedding. There is just no stopping us in the foundation stage, we love learning!
Join us next half term where we will be learning all about our bodies and how to stay healthy.
(Don’t miss sports day Friday 15th June- 9.30am- all welcome).


'We are storytellers.'


This half term we are exploring traditional tales. We have really enjoyed learning and retelling the story 'The three little pigs.' We have talked about old stories and have enjoyed talking about our special grown-ups when they were small. We have been exploring construction, using different materials to make safe houses for the pigs. Mrs Brown says we have fantastic grumpy wolf voices that make our stories even better. 

We love reading.   

Space Launch- 6th November 17

Today was our 'space' launch day. We were visited by a real astronaut who told us about some interesting things that she had discovered in our nursery garden. We investigated, searched and talked about all the interesting things that we found. We blasted off into space and even had a go at moon walking. We definitely think we have some aliens around somewhere. We didn't see any but we found a lot of alien snot.


We are so excited to visiting a planetarium in school on Thursday. Check back to see what we got up to.

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